Request a Review

Hello and thanks for considering sending your item to LondonVaper for review.

Please note that I operate a rolling schedule for my current and future reviews.  In other words if your item is sent today, depending on how many reviews I have scheduled, your item will be added to the earliest available date for review.

Generally, the quicker an item arrives, the sooner it goes up on the channel. I DO NOT bump reviews up sooner on the list, all reviews are allocated slots on the earliest available day.


I will review clones, but I WILL¬†NOT review exact 1:1 replicas. ¬†In other words counterfeits of tanks, drippers and mods which have even ‚Äúcloned‚ÄĚ the packaging.


I generally accept e-liquids for review but please limit the amount you send to a maximum of 6 bottles at a time, as any more will leave me less time to actually conduct the reviews.  PLEASE NOTE!!!  No Dekang (original or rebranded) liquids will be reviewed on LondonVaper.

UK/EU Eliquid Manufacturers РI WILL NOT review eliquids that have not been submitted to the MHRA Registration scheme.  This is to ensure that ALL eliquids I review have been subjected to the necessary testing processes.


ALL Customs charges or charges for excess postage are the responsibility of you, the Vendor.  I will not be responsible for, or pay these charges and therefore will not be able to conduct a review for you until these have been paid.


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