About LondonVaper

About the Channel

Welcome to LondonVaper Reviews, a blog dedicated to reviewing E-liquids & vaping hardware.  I started the review channel on Youtube in October 2015 to provide my honest, impartial opinions on the plethora of vaping hardware & e-liquids that are currently on the market.  The channel has since grown organically month by month and has embraced both established & new companies on the vaping scene.

About LondonVaper

I started vaping over 3 years ago as a way of getting away from smoking, a habit I had indulged in for over 20 years.  At first I was skeptical as to if vaping would actually work but I am glad to say that I switched almost overnight and am reaping the benefits more and more each day.

I decided to start reviewing and participating in both the vaping community, and live streams as I felt that I could add my own personal experience and touches that may help others decide to make the switch.  I also wanted to start reviewing to help others decide on what equipment and e-liquids out there were actually worth the time to purchase and use.

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and that you find the information contained here useful.  If you wish to get in contact, please use the Contact LV link, or if you would like me to review your product(s), please use the Request a Review tab in the top menu and I will respond as soon as possible.

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